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it's legal to smoke marijuana in places like colorado and washington state. will maryland be the next to jump on the bandwagon? the high hopes. a teenager is killed in a car crash, another one seriously hurt. now the community is coming together to honor the young man. she's only 9 years old but this little girl already knows what it's like to lose everything. now she's turning her tragedy into hope for other victims just like herself. we'll tell you all about that on this thursday, november 15th. "good morning maryland," i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle, thank you for joining us. let's get to the weather because it's chilly out there. >> i have to admit lynette i left the coat am home today by
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-- at home today by accident but we need them. >> make sure you grab the coat as you head out the door. look at the temperatures this morning 37 degrees in jessup and 30 monrovia. 38 millersville and be careful as you go into the afternoon hours as well. because we're going to be dealing with chilly temperatures. yesterday up to about 48 degrees and going to do more of the same as we head throughout the day. still staying well below average. the good news is that maryland's most powerful radar is dry and will stay that way throughout the day. yesterday we had plenty of sunshine in the forecast, today a few more clouds out there. temperature coming in at 41 degrees by 9:00 this morning and into lunchtime 47 degrees. our high today only around 48. let's get a check now of the let's get a check now of abc2 timesaver traffic lauren cook. good morning. definitely crank that heat in the car and turn on the seat warmers. in baltimore city repairs still underway to fix two water main breaks.
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one in the bark lee neighborhood. and the other is in mount vernon, now madison street now open and you can take that down and make a left on to gillford but expect lane blockages andstick with 83 or calvert street as the alternate routes. a live look outside here 95 at 395 traffic moving along there are no delays through the fort mchenry tunnel. this is what 695 looks like the parkville at harford road. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. there's a rising debate in maryland right now over the use of marijuana. >> yeah it's illegal the use right now and some people say it should be made available for people with needs for medical purposes. >> abc2 news' sherrie johnson takes a look at where the law stands now and where it could go. >> reporter: unless in about two months the 2013 legislative session begins and there will be a push by some to legalize medical marijuana. supporters are hoping to pass a
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bill in annapolis after election day, the state of washington state and also colorado passed it. now bills that would have legalized the drug for medical use stalled in annapolis the past two years. the concern federal enforcement. the head testified before a house and senate committee in march saying quote the legislation under consideration could place state employees at risk of federal prosecution for violation of the controlled substances act because of this risk, unless and until federal policy changes the administration opposes the proposed legislation. but on election day, voters in washington state and colorado approved the recreational use of marijuana. already legal in those states with a doctor's prescription. now sarah would like to see maryland lawmakers make medical marijuana use legal. she suffers from multiple dishy row sis and use -- multiple
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sclerosis and uses it to control it. >> we're not talking like you know cheech and chong levels of cannabis. >> reporter: now governor o'malley is in the beginning stages of putting his agenda together for the next legislative session and no word yet on if this will be on there. reporting live in federal hill. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a community will honor a teenager -- honor a teenager, this as another teen struggles to survive. tomorrow night the football team will dedicate the regional finals to 17-year-old michael mcvary. the high school senior died earlier this week in a car crash and police say the vehicle was on deer park road when it crossed the center line and hit a dodge neon. mcvary was the passenger in the car. the car was driven by 18-year- old nicholas kujany. people living near the crash site say this is not the first time an accident has taken
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place on that twisty road. >> always somebody hitting the telephone pole or wiping out on the turn. we've you know contacted the county and spoke to state police officials about maybe putting a notice or guardrails around there to cause the youngsters to slow down. but at this point we haven't seen anything yet. >> the driver of the dodge only had minor injuries. there were no signs of drug or alcohol. a city bus driver will not face charges after fighting with a passenger. we showed you this video yesterday of a brawl that broke out on the 40 bus in baltimore city. now spokesperson terry owens admits mta police still haven't watched the footage from the bus camera but he says they won't arrest the driver. that's because an officer didn't see the fight and there was no weapon involved and they don't know who started it. owens says both her -- that would be the driver -- the
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passenger have complaint numbers and could file criminal charges on their own. this morning a baltimore city police officer is in trouble once again. this time for alleged sexual abuse. roberto santiago has been suspended because of an investigation in harford county. he allegedly assaulted a neighbor. now this trial is set for later on next month. the state police agency hopes to add more women to its ranks. today the maryland transportation authority police will host its fourth annual women in law enforcement career night. mta police are now looking to recruit officers and lateral police officers and that event takes place from 5:00 to 7:30 tonight at the mta police headquarters. today is the green day challenge but nothing to do with the band. today the city is celebrating america recycles day. with the green day challenge. you see the department of public works is asking you to
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eliminate the majority of your daily waste. so here's a few suggestions they're passing along to you. bring lunch to work in a reusable bag, organize a carpool, recycle and you can always get bills sent to you online instead of in the mail. officials say the average american produces 4.8 pounds of trash every single day. you can get a free chick- fil-a sandwich today. just take part in the chain's a can can make a difference food drive for sandy victims. just bring an item to the restaurant and all the food donates will go to new jersey, new york and maryland and the event goes from 9:00 this morning until 9:00 tonight. and a handful of gunmen are on the loose this morning. they were involved in a triple shoots earlier this week. that left two brothers dead and their mother hurt. now we told you about this story yesterday morning. now we have more information. detectives believe that the shooting was part of a targeted home invasion. however, it is unclear who the culprits were looking for at the time.
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they broke into a house on west lafayette street late tuesday night. the mother is expected to be okay. police say they are searching for more than one suspect. this morning a woman is suffering from serious burns to more than half of her body. this after being trapped in a massive house fire in reisterstown yesterday. we brought this to you as breaking news on "good morning maryland" throughout the day. it took 60 firefighters to put out the flames that destroyed the home. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused that fire. 4:38 right now. she lost everything in a house fire and now one little girl from anne arundel county is healing by helping others like her. her name is lauren and she started an organization to give fire victims the essentials that they need. she still cries when she thinks about losing her home and everything that was inside of it. but from that tragedy, she created lauren's luggage. she stuffs suitcases with items she misses in the first few hours and days after her family
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lost their home in a fire. >> toy and notebook, shampoo, conditioner, soap, tried to give them to like families after fires like -- blankets, stuffed animals and kind of the essentials of what would have been really helpful like that for us. it just feels nice giving people stuff and helping them out. >> the luggage and everything inside is either donated to lauren or she gets it from goodwill. she delivers the packages to local fire stations for them to give to families. news time now is 4:39. a check of the weather outside. lynette it is still cold. >> it is. it's still chilly out there and it's going to stay that way as we go into the afternoon. so today, is going to be reminiscent of yesterday except we'll have a few more clouds across the area. that in just a minute. but look at hereford, 33 degrees right now and 35 baltimore. 27 degrees in gettiesburg traveling north. into pennsylvania this morning. emmitsburg at 34 degrees and aberdeen coming in at 34.
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we have the 40s in annapolis and also easton this morning down into cambridge more of the same there. 39 over go goldsboro and 35 degrees right now in galena. we have the clouds out there this morning. that's why some of the temperatures are a little bit up in the 40s this morning. but still cold nonetheless. i'm going to pull out so you can see what's going on. those clouds will be with us for a while today. and this is all courtesy of this little disturbance down to the south. this will miss us but we will have more clouds than what we saw yesterday. be prepared for that and not all the sunshine that we saw yesterday. we will get a few peeks but all in all i'm forecasting more clouds than sun for today. let's send this back to you. a former cia director david petraeus will head back to washington. >> yeah what is expected to tell lawmakers about when he returns to capitol hill tomorrow. >> plus, the maker of twinkies and wonder bread may be forced to lay off some of the workers, why hostess is threatening to close down its business. >> well, everything is up to
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speed here on 95 just south of 195. i'll relate you know what -- let you know what traffic looks like here coming up on "good morning maryland."
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and welcome back to "good morning maryland." the attack killed four americans and today lawmakers will begin grilling a number of people who hold the answers to what the white house knew about that benghazi attack back on september 11th and when they knew it. now the problem is, you and i are not going to hear any of this. for the next two days they're going to be holding a series of hearings behind closed doors and among the people being called to testify, former cia director david petraeus. he'll address the senate house intelligence committee tomorrow. no one was sure if petraeus would be called after his sudden resignation due to a swirling sex scandal. >> he's necessary. he understands and was there during the time when the benghazi event os curred. >> now one of the big questions surrounding the attack is why were there no u.s. marines
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guarding ambassador chris stevens and three others who were at the consulate. megan the identity of the american who made that decision -- person who made that decision will likely be discussed during the hearings. superstorm sandy ripped through new york leaving parts of the city in shambles and today, president obama will see the devastation firsthand. he's going to meet with victims who are still recovering from the storm. the president will also visit the first responders who helped during the crisis. some people living on long island are still without power. more than two weeks after sandy struck. it appears making a movie about our 16th president has some perks because today the cast and the crew of the new movie "lincoln" are heading to the white house. steven spielberg directed the film and daniel day-lewis is abraham lincoln. news around the nation right now. a hearing is scheduled for the machine accused -- man accused of murdering 6-year-old etan patz more than 30 years ago. he disappeared from his new york city home and never found.
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police say that pedro hernandez confessed to the crime back in may and his lawyer claims he's delusional. he is instead in the hospital. colorado movie theater shooting suspect james holmes was taken to the hospital for an unspecified injury wednesday. local port reports say he -- reports say he may have intentionally hurt himself in his jail cell. he is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58 others. this was back in july. that hearing is now set for december 10th. a settlement is now said to be announced today with oil giant bp concerning the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico. the deal is expected to include bp admitting to negligence that led to the spill and a payment of fines totaling billions of dollars. attorney general eric holder may make the announcement himself. hostess workers who are on strike have until 5:00 this evening to return to worker the company may -- or the company
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may be forced to liquidate. they are going to file a motion to liquidate the entire company on friday if they don't come back across the picket line and come back to work. liquidation would cost more than 17,000 workers their jobs. all right, time now for a check of the forecast. it is cold outside. >> it sure is. i haven't really thought about getting the mittens out yet but today was the day when i thought i should have brought them. >> scarf, mittens, lynette do we need that? >> i have two coats and you can borrow one of mine. >> i don't know about that. >> grab the big coat this morning, because look, you have to prepare yourself for the 33 in churchville this morning. glenelg not much better at 34 degrees and arnold at 41- degrees this morning. and the winds are pretty much on the light side. just like they were yesterday. not as breezy and windy. but we will have the clouds around for today. so we can see what's going on right now on the satellite and radar. satellite picking up on the
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clouds across the area. the radar picking up on some rain down to the south. this disturbance will work its way off towards the north and it will miss us for the most part. but we are in the clouds. this is where the clouds are streaming from today. we look at the surface and well, high pressure is back off towards the west. not going to do so much. it's going to try to get in here. we will see a few peeks of sunshine sunshine but yesterday was glorious with the sunshine right? not going to be a glorious day like yesterday. but we won't be socked. in 48-degrees is the high temperature for today when we should be at 57 degrees now for this time of the year. so still well below average. partly cloudy, chilly skies across the area. tonight temperatures will drop off again. 32, continued cold. you'll need the big coat once again. tomorrow, we start to try to warm up a bit but it's still going to be chilly with the temperatures below average rather and this is a check of the seven day forecast for you. as we can see the temperatures will remain below average in the next chance for showers work their way in here late sunday. but then as we work into
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wednesday, that's the travel day. things looking pretty good. it's going to be ruff out there. we'll see how that goes. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. talking about travel. yes, lynette hard to believe thanksgiving is almost here. >> i know. >> everything has just flown by. in east baltimore this morning, do be aware that east monument street is shut down from millton avenue to chester street. you want to use mc calvary street as the alternate. that's going to be right between lafayette avenue and clipper mill road. not open until later this november. right around november 20th it's expected to reopen. so definitely something to keep in mind. if you are headed out to 83, this is exactly what it looks like just north of 695. everything moving right along. no problems heading downtown. you're looking at normal conditions right now. 11 minutes southbound from 695 all the way to fayette street. this is what the west side of the beltway looks like traffic moving right along here at
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liberty record. no problems to route 40. megan and charlie, over to you. all right, you might go to starbucks and splurge a little on that triple shot nonfat extra latte. >> i'm the one who's high maintenance? >> put my order out there. >> that's something that's certainly big but it can be cheap compared to one pree see cup of coffee in -- pricey cup of coffee in annapolis. >> and twi hard they just keep sparkling with excitement. the final movie is out tonight but tickets may be hard to come by. >> i have mine. you know you do. >> which theaters no avoid if you want to catch the anymore. tonight -- film tonight. >> go to the website and download the app. you can see nothing going on in maryland right now but to the south you can track the storms down there. don't go anywhere, "good morning maryland" will be right back.
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five things you may want to know on this thursday morning.
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ever tried quitting smoking you know how hard it can be. to celebrate the 37th annual great american smokeout the frederick county health department is running a campaign to raise awareness about the use of tobacco products with youngsters. they're offering tips and reasons why you should kick the habit. anne arundel county firefighters are helping those in need this holiday season. the group will donate 40 food baskets to a local food bank this morning. they're going to go to families in the country who can use extra help. the second annual it's a waterfront life campaign kicks off today in harbor east. leaders will be on hand the talk about the exciting events taking place along the waterfront for the holidays. one of the first will feature holiday window displays at shops and restaurants all being done by local artists. some people in anne arundel county can get rabies vaccinations for their pets. this is happening until 8:00 this evening. there's a cost but it's a low cost. the extended rabies and microchip clinic will be held in millersville at the anne arundel county animal control.
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after this the weekly rabies clinic will return to the normal hours which is 12:00 to 3:00. vaccinations cost $5 per pet and the chips they cost $20 per pet. lance armstrong foundation is changing its name. the foundation will now officially be called livestrong foundation. armstrong had previously stepped down as chairman and last week resigned from the board of directors. it comes after the u.s. antidoping agency says he was involved in doping throughout his cycling career. seven minutes away from 5:00 right now and whether you're on team jacob or edward, breaking dawn part 2 premieres in theaters. a special screening 10:00 showing in our area. for example the sin mark egyptian at arundel mills mall. they have five of the 10:00 showings sold out and two of the midnight shows they're sold out as well buy the tickets online and get there early to
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get seats. it doesn't matter if you're planning to stay up late. either way you're probably going to grab a cup of coffee. how much would you pay for that caffeine fix? well, if you head to one cafe in annapolis, ceremony coffee, you can pay for a 12-ounce bag of coffee, 12-ounce bag, $90. you heard that right. almost $100 for the less than pound of coffee. the brew is called panama geisha, it's a unique cup of coffee worth it according to the owner. >> a $90 bag of coffee equates to about 35 cents an ounce. that equivalent of a $9 bottle of wine. >> i had the coffee. it's really good. the price sounds steep and the guys at the ceremony will tell you it's something you don't want to drink every day. this is an occasional coffee. like a bottle of opus wine or maybe

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